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Ten Farmers Markets in Nayarit

10 Farmers Markets In Nayarit The tradition of buying and selling in weekly seasonal markets is deep Mexico’s culture. They have a history that reaches far back into the pre-Hispanic period. It was the most important form of commerce in that…

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Puerto Vallarta Road Trips: Tequila

One of the great road trips from Puerto Vallarta is to the world-famous pueblo of Tequila. This is the birthplace of Mexico’s national spirit and it seems like tequila’s popularity is only growing. From the very beginning of this adventure you’ll…

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Golf Paradise Adventures I

A Hidden Beach In addition to incredible golf here in Punta Mita, our guests have been super excited about all of the adventures in this beautiful playground. We’ll feature a few in this series but if you want to know more…

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The Surprising Economy of Mexico!

The Surprising Economy of Mexico, A Snapshot With a strategic location, economic growth rate, ability to attract advanced manufacturing, excellent supply chains, fiscal stimulus, and a talented, young workforce, Mexico is one of the best places to do business for productive…

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Design: Stylish Mexico!

Design around the Bay  Inspired. That’s how we feel about the beautiful design and architecture we’ve seen touring homes in Mexico. As a country with ancient history, the design influences in Mexico are many. From simple cave dwellings to complex…

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