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Retirement Mexico

For just over a quarter of a century, International Living has ranked, rated, and named the best retirement destinations in the world. Number one this year, Mexico!

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Why Puerto Vallarta?

Why Puerto Vallarta? You might be looking at the images here and thinking why not Puerto Vallarta? Also an excellent question. Puerto Vallarta is Mexicos largest resort real estate market. It offers beachfront, mountains, golf courses and marinas. It has the…

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Mexico + Health Care, Top 5!

Big news for health care in North America. According to International Living, Mexico is in the top 5 countries for health care, in the World. Public health care in Mexico dates back to 1791 when the first large-scale hospital in Mexico…

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Snow? In Mexico?

We were having coffee with a friend yesterday and our conversation meandered to talking about Mexico and the people we’ve met recently who are making the move to this beautiful country. Part way through the conversation, he said “as much…

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Welcome World!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Mexico? To retire, raise a family or start a business here? Let us take you around the country and show you the beach towns and the mountain towns,…

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Look Who’s Moving to Mexico

Did you know…the largest number of Americans outside the United States live in Mexico. According to Mexico 2010 Census, there are 738,103 Americans living in the Mexican Republic, while the US Embassy in Mexico City has at times given an estimate…

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Cost of Living in Mexico

Every expat we talk to says that their quality of life improved when they moved to Mexico. Now, this could be coloured by a number of things…sun, being able to swim in the ocean ever morning, runs on the beach,…

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You’ve got to be kidding…house calls?!!


We have all kinds of stories about the fantastic health care in Mexico but one of our favourites is a friend who’s daughter came down with a fever just after their move to Mexico. On calling the local hospital, they were told…

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