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Snow? In Mexico?

We were having coffee with a friend yesterday and our conversation meandered to talking about Mexico and the people we’ve met recently who are making the move to this beautiful country. Part way through the conversation, he said “as much as I love visiting, I’d never be able to live in a hot climate. My wife loves the sun, but I’m much more of a cool weather guy”

Which prompted a conversation about how varied Mexico is in it’s geography…and climates.

And how many places there are where you don’t need either heat or air conditioning. If you need snow…you can find it…really! This country is a big place. It offers mountain towns, colonial cities, jungle, rain forest, lakes and rivers, and is bordered by long coastlines.

So, here are just a few of the varied and amazing inland, mountain and coastal towns and cities. Each of these places offers a very different lifestyle. All are affordable, some more than others. And all are expat and traveller tested! We’re going to feature more places, so if your Mexico home isn’t covered here, write and let us know – we’d love to know what’s great about your town or city!

Puerto Vallarta
We’re starting with our home town. Life in this Pacific tropical beach town is excellent. It sits in the middle of the beautiful Bay of Banderas (Bay of Flags)and is backed by the lush, palm covered Sierra Madre mountain range.

Lonely Planet calls it ‘one of Mexico’s liveliest and most sophisticated destinations’. So needless to say, it has an active travelling population, but a large part time and full time resident population as well.

The town centre is a mix of narrow cobblestone streets, charming shops, galleries, sizzling night life, beachfront palapa eateries, street vendors – all linked by a vibrant malecon that features gorgeous sculptures along its walkway. There’s a world class, sophisticated food scene led by some bright star chefs, that’s getting bigger every year.

Many beautiful villas and casas are set on the hillsides south of the city and sprinkled up the river and in the hills backdropping the town. On the whole scale of real estate prices for Mexico – it’s a bit higher than average but life here is very comfortable.

Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 18°C (65 degrees) to 32°C (90 degrees)

North of Puerto Vallarta in the state of Nayarit, there are several more options for creating the life of your dreams.

Image courtesy of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Guide

Image courtesy of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Guide

Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit
Nuevo Vallarta is north of Puerto Vallarta and is a planned residential community about 10 mins from the airport. It features miles of beach, a large marina, deluxe amenities, golf courses and a stretch of mostly larger hotels with many choices for dining out and shopping. In the winter, the Caguama Turtles lay their eggs their eggs on the beaches. Threatened by extinction since 1978, these turtles are now well protected and making a comeback. Nuevo Vallarta homes include condos situated along the bay and homes along the canal and on the edges of the two golf courses.

Bucerias, Nayarit
20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta is Bucerias, a town that sits on a wide stretch of beach, named for the traditional fishermen who dove (buceo) for oysters deep in the ocean. It’s a beach town of 17,000 with a laid-back feel and vibrant culture. There are funky shops, restaurants and galleries along hand made stone streets and a weekly market that features a wide variety of locally made crafts. Mostly Spanish speaking, there is also a large contingent of Canadian and US tourists and full time residents. Homes are a mix of traditional and new construction with grand beachfront villas along the waterfront.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit
La Cruz, as the locals call it, is a mix of a traditional Mexican fishing village and world class marina; old and new. A town council is made up of Mexican Nationals and newcomers who have worked hard to make sure that the character of the ‘fishing village’ is preserved, protected and enhanced. The new fish market was built to give the fisherman a venue to market their product and prepare it for transportation on ice to big cities inland. There is a significant population that have come from the US and Canada to make La Cruz their home. A vibrant music scene, large boating community, a wide variety of dining experiences and a stunning beach on the edge of town (Destiladeras) make this an utterly charming place to call home. There are some beautiful developments in town that include condos, casas and villas, both beachfront and up the hill with wide vistas of the sparkling bay below.

Image courtesy of Four Seasons

Image courtesy of Four Seasons Punta Mita

Punta Mita, Destiladeras and Litibu, Nayarit 

Upon setting foot in Punta de Mita, as you stand in the white sands of this peninsula and look out over the immense ocean, you will be overcome with tranquility.

You will leave the world behind, as if you were alone on a desert island, sheltered in a hidden refuge. And this is exactly what Punta de Mita is: an exclusive and luxurious getaway that rises from the peninsula that includes almost 10 kilometers (six miles) of virgin beaches, surrounded by green hills.  Here, the Pacific Ocean opens before those visitors who never seem to tire of admiring the endless turquoise-blue depths of the sea.  In this land, originally home to artisans, merchants and fishermen, one of the most sophisticated and select destinations of the Riviera Nayarit has been developed.

Along the shores of the Coral del Rusco and El Anclote beaches, which stretch for 500 meters (1,640 feet), luxurious hotels and resorts have been constructed, which offer all of the essential amenities to please even the most demanding of travelers.


As you walk the near virgin beaches of Litibú you will come upon fresh seaweed swept ashore by the waves, as if these aquatic plants sought to mingle with passersby. They seem to beg the gentle footfall of a curious visitor, inviting him to feel their soft texture, smell their salty and sweet aroma, and be swept away by the natural wonders hidden in this treasure on the Pacific.

Litibú is awaiting interesting new projects such as first-class hotels, elegant residences and apartment complexes, restaurants and a new golf course created by the celebrated Greg Norman.

These developments will add to the natural charms of the two kilometers (1.2 miles) of beaches that stretch across Litibú, a destination that will soon be listed among the main tourism centers of the Riviera Nayarit.

As you walk the fine sands of Litibú —and along the neighboring beaches of Punta Negra and Careyero— you will feel as if you have stepped foot on a desert island,one surrounded by the grandeur of the sea and the warmth of Mother Nature, with silent trees lining the seashore.  You will find here the perfect union between exuberant natural riches and the comforts and activities available at the soon-to-be-established tourist complexes.


This beach’s name can be attributed to a now-extinct freshwater waterfall.   Destiladeras’ golden, fine sands anticipate the promising future with the proposed construction of luxurious hotels, a beach club, first-class spas, restaurants and a golf course that will surely cement the Riviera Nayarit’s reputation as a dreamlike destination for golfers from around the world.

While these dreams become a reality, you can enjoy the tranquility and warmth of the sea in Destiladeras among family and friends.

It is common to see visitors trying their hand at activities such as kayaking and sailing, as well as happy tourists bouncing along on a typical banana boat or running towards the ocean with their colorful boards at the ready. And for those more adventurous travelers, on the southern part of the beach, the waves can reach up to a meter and a half (five feet) high, a true delight for surfing enthusiasts.

And if you, nonetheless, are of a more reserved nature and you seek tranquility and rest on the ocean shore, this is also the ideal spot for you.

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