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Puerto Vallarta Road Trips: Tequila

One of the great road trips from Puerto Vallarta is to the world-famous pueblo of Tequila. This is the birthplace of Mexico’s national spirit and it seems like tequila’s popularity is only growing.

From the very beginning of this adventure you’ll enjoy stunning landscapes through jungle, rolling pasture and black volcanic rock formations. The toll road is wide and there are many small pueblos to stop for refrescos along the way. As you approach your destination, the backdrop is a breathtaking mountain range that rises from the Tequila Valley. You are surrounded by the largest and most beautiful blue agave fields in Mexico, Agave tequilana weber azul.

Tequila Haciendas

There are many options for tequila immersion in this pueblo magico. Take in more than 250 years of history of tequila making at the La Rojeña distillery, the oldest distillery in the Americas. There is also a new generation of distillers who are bringing a fresh and artisanal approach to tequila production. Whichever hacienda you choose, you’ll enjoy a professional tasting and a tour through all of the stages of tequila making. In addition, your guide will explain how they sow, grow, water and harvest the blue agave plants. Finally, the honey scented aroma of roasting agave, grand architecture and sometimes beautiful gardens and landscape all add to this ‘five senses’ experience.

Tequila Barrels

Tequila Barrels

Silver, reposado, or anejo? Learn from a tequila expert while immersed in the aromas, colors and flavors of tequila. You’ll learn how the aging process and time influences the tequila’s hue, body, and scent. You’ll be amazed at how the essence of the agave plant can produce such a wide variety of characteristics. So, just like with other spirits, there is ‘margarita tequila’ – flavoured with sugar and coloring and there is the very finest sipping tequila that feels like warm silk on your palate.

Tequila Geeks

Bloggers and aficionados Scarlet and Grover are self professed ‘tequila geeks’. They host amazing tasting events, review tequilas and share their favourite cocktail recipes with the world. They even have a tequila matchmaking app! Check out their highly entertaining and informative blog here, a great place to expand your tequila horizons.

I promise you, this is one of the must do road trips from Vallarta/Nayarit. And because of the experience, you will never look at, or drink, tequila the same way again. Saludos!

Pueblo of Tequila

Pueblo of Tequila

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