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When dusk falls on the beaches of Sayulita, you will see, like floating spirits, silhouettes skim across the water, bodies dive and emerge awaiting the next wave, facing the sunset, painted in the dazzling tones of the sun’s descent into the sea. These are surfers participating in the sport they love, which happens to be one of the main attractions of this traditional fishing village. From all over the world, surfing enthusiasts flock to these beaches, like a sacred site, with their boards on their backs, their golden skin glistening and hearts full with a passion for the sea.

Sayulita breathes a cosmopolitan air. You can hear a young woman speaking German, a young man waxing his surf board while chatting in English or a small child telling her father what she wants for breakfast in French….

Sayulita is a half hour north of the Puerto Vallarta airport and is becoming one of the most visited places in Mexico.

Life in Sayulita is ‘uncommon and extraordinary’. Residents and visitors alike experience the authentic art, food, culture, music and the secret places loved by the locals.

Pueblos Mágicos

In 2015, at the second National Fair for Pueblos Mágicos, Sayulita was one of the towns chosen from 180 nominations and added to the list of just 111 Pueblos Mágicos in Mexico.

Pueblos Mágicos is a town development project launched in 2001 by the Mexico Tourism Board for cities, towns and villages with special symbolic features, legends and history, and tourism opportunities. The most important characteristic for the nomination, however, is possessing magic. A “Magical Village” is a place with symbolism, legends, history, important events and day-to-day life.

Sayulita certainly has magic. It is already well known as the surfing capital of Nayarit and has enchanted thousands of tourists with its cobbled streets, colourful buildings, unique shops, small kiosks and quant central square. It is perfect for adventurers, hikes and trekking as the surrounding vegetation covered landscapes have a rich bio-diversity and are home to multiple species of birds and wildlife. The region also offers many other attractive activities besides surfing, such as snorkelling, boat trips and catamaran rides, spas, yoga, meditation and horseback riding.


Sayulita has a wide variety of excellent restaurants and coffee shops…choices are somewhere around 100 establishments. There are good schools, a bank, hospital, emergency services and many volunteer opportunities to get more involved in the community.

Some of the plans for Pueblo Mágico resources are to upgrade the waste-water treatment plant, improve roads, traffic and parking, preserving green space while enhancing public works and urban planning.

There are also important consequential benefits for Sayulita. Property values will steadily increase as the area will become more recognised and developed. Villages listed as Pueblos Mágicos become a priority for the local, state and federal governments. Development in Sayulita will be strictly regulated to maintain the “Hippie Chic” atmosphere that makes it the special place that it is.

Big Water

Sayulita sits on Sayulita Bay, close to a major marina in La Cruz and in close proximity by boat to the Bay of Banderas. The Bay is one of Mexico’s largest and one of the world’s deepest, with recorded depths of more than 3,000 feet. It offers superb sport fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna and other game fish. It’s home to dolphins, manta rays, and is a nursery for humpback whales November through March. Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs June through December.  Decades ago, Jacques Cousteau was instrumental in convincing the Mexican government to declare the nearby Isla Marietas a protected marine park.  Today, it’s a snorkeling and diving paradise where hundreds of fish species can be seen

Sayulita is blessed with high quality surf and reef break that provide an amazing variety and a premier surfing experience for both beginners and pro surfers.


Sayulita is an event-full place that hosts a calendar of highly memorable events. It is a place that both in-house and external event planners and programmers find extremely user-friendly. From Huichol celebrations to surf competitions to music, film and Bollywood festivals, there is as little or as much as you want to do in Sayulita.