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Hotel Zone

The largest concentration of hotels in Puerto Vallarta can be found in the aptly-named Hotel Zone, a stretch along the city’s main thruway, Francisco Medina Ascencio, that extends from the Puerto Vallarta Maritime Terminal at its north-most point and the Sheraton Buganvilias Resort at the opposite end. Medina Ascencio runs parallel to the beach, making the vast majority of hotels in the Hotel Zone ideal for family vacations. Downtown Vallarta is just minutes away, a walk for some of the hotels or a bus/taxi ride for those closer to the marina. This is also where you’ll find most of the tallest buildings of the bay, offering oceanfront full-time condominium living.

The Hotel Zone was a natural extension of downtown Puerto Vallarta as the destination became more popular and needed room to grow. It allowed the downtown area to remain pretty much the same as its been for many years, with many of the original buildings (although renovated) still remaining. The long stretch of beach from town to the marina provided large parcels so that much larger hotels could be constructed.

Marina Vallarta

There are three distinguishing landmarks for Marina Vallarta. When arriving by vehicle, the first you’ll see is a large whale sculpture at the Marina’s main entrance. It was built by Octavio González in the early 90s and paid for by local Marina business owners. The prominent landmark is a lighthouse, built alongside the marina promenade and at the end of Calle (street) Timon. The lighthouse has a bar at the top and is a wonderful place to have an evening cocktail and get a great view of all of Marina Vallarta. The marina promenade is very popular destination, with a variety of shops and many restaurants available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are interested in fishing, finding a boat won’t be difficult. Many of the operators hang out around the lighthouse, just go there and you’ll find someone to help you out. For those staying at one of the hotels, the concierge will also be able to assist you.

Marina Vallarta Club de Golf is located in the heart of Marina Vallarta; walking distance from Member Hotels and easily accessible to all. Take in the sites of lush vegetation, natural lagoons alive with wildlife; including herons, sea geese, iguanas, alligators, and the scenic shores of Banderas Bay.