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We are pleased to introduce MexLaw, the only Mexican based law firm that is owned and operated by licensed Canadian and American Lawyers that have partnered with Mexican lawyers. As such,  are accountable for our conduct, integrity and competence to our professional order and to our clients. Our professional standards are among the most recognized and respected internationally.

They offer something unique to investors:

Once your investment goals are determined, MexLaw acts on your behalf and does the due diligence on the a developer. They hold your money in trust and disburse progressively as the property construction progresses.  A fidelity bondsman guarantees the termination of the work and the developer pays for this insurance.  As an additional incentive, some developers offer an additional 20% premium after the property is entirely sold. This premium is divided amongst the investors on a prorate of their investment.  Minimum investments are of $1 million either with one individual or a group.

MexLaw receives no remuneration from the developer. MexLaw has your back.



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