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Hacienda Restoration

Hacienda Dreaming

Are you like us and dream about restoring an old hacienda, bringing it back to it’s former glory in a most essential pared down way? Both urban and rural, these mansions and haciendas exist throughout Mexico and have been lovingly restored by visionary individuals as homes, hotels, ranchos with dogs and horses, and vacation destinations. The architecture is rugged and romantic, typically using indigenous stone, wood and iron work. They were built for grand living with large extended families – and as a home and anchor for agricultural enterprises beginning centuries ago.

Inspired Design

Some of the most exciting architectural design is by the award winning firm reyes rios + larrain arqitecos (images featured here). We love their commitment to restoration of the significant detail that makes up the Hacienda style. It feels fresh and new, while celebrating the unique characteristics of the architecture.

Behind many walled blocks in Puerto Vallarta, you will enter through a weathered wooden door to find hacienda architecture built around a central courtyard, maybe fruit trees – and sometimes even a chicken or two!

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