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Design: Stylish Mexico!

Design around the Bay 

Inspired. That’s how we feel about the beautiful design and architecture we’ve seen touring homes in Mexico.

As a country with ancient history, the design influences in Mexico are many.

From simple cave dwellings to complex cities to feats of engineering wonder, the earliest civilizations used adobe and stone. They laid an important stylistic and structural blueprint for construction even today.

Mexico is also influenced by Spanish Colonial architecture and has more Unesco listed sites than any other country in the Americas. This style is rugged and romantic. Its seen in townsites, churches and rural haciendas.

Inspiration LPA 5 small

Originally from the Phillipines, Palapa roofs are common in coastal areas and are well suited to hot climates. Often open walled, palm is thatched over a soaring frame of wooden poles. The style is laid back and lends a ‘barefoot elegance’ feeling to a space.

Design Mexico

Mexico is also home to many internationally celebrated modern designers and architects. These design stars are re-interpreting a modern architecture that builds on the past and is uniquely adapted to its environment. 

Texture + Materials

From grand old haciendas to coastal palapas to new modern, the best homes incorporate indigenous materials and do it in an inspiring way.  Less is more in this climate and environment. As Phillipe Starck, Icon designer here in Puerto Vallarta, says “Elegance and honesty are two mandatory parameters for any human production.”

Our favourite spaces feature stone, adobe, local hardwoods and ironwork and have an almost meditative, grounding quality as you walk from room to room. The best embrace native simplicity combined with colour and modern technologies. Transitions from indoors to out are seamless and inviting.

These are just a few images to inspire you. It’s an exciting time in the world of design in Mexico and we’re thrilled to be able get an inside look at what some of the best designers and architects are bringing to life.

We’ll continue to feature more special homes here so stay tuned!

Image Credits:

Tierra Concepts

Alberto Kalach


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