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The Whales are Coming!


From mid-December to the end of March, Banderas Bay offers some of the world’s most spectacular whale watching opportunities anywhere. And because our partner tour company is the only one in the Banderas Bay area with a spotter plane, we can get you closer than you ever thought possible to witness these awesome creatures in action.

Our light aircraft is in constant radio contact with each of our boat captains and reports sightings immediately from all over the bay.

Whales come into Banderas Bay during the winter months for refuge to give birth and mate. Just like in Canada and the US, whales are protected by the Mexican government, which means that our boats must comply with a great number of reasonable restrictions. These restrictions ensure your safety as well as that of our ocean friends.

Around the Bay, you will be able to see different types of whales, including the majestic humpbacks breaching, singing, flippering and lobtailing. It’s also very likely you’ll spot some babies as well as dolphin, mantas and sea turtles. 

Contact us to book an exhilarating and life changing insight into whales and their habitat!

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