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Adventure Colomitos

Adventure Colomitos

If you’re looking for a perfect daytrip adventure that includes a beautiful beach, turquoise water, snorkeling, grilled seafood, waterfalls, a panga ride and a short hike, we highly recommend a trip to Colomitos.

Colomitos 2


Getting There

There are two ways to get to this beautiful beach and small bay. The easiest is to catch one of the pangas (water taxis) from Los Muertos pier. Or, if jungle trekking is more your style, catch one of the buses at the cross streets of Constitution and Basilio Badillo in Zona Romantica or take a taxi to the town of Boca de Tomatlan. From here, follow the trail to Colomitos.

The hike is 1.5 kilometers through the forest where you’re likely to see lots of wildlife: birds, iguanas, and maybe raccoons and foxes.


Trail from Boca


Initially you will walk upstream to the pedestrian bridge over the Horcones river in Boca along the western edge of the river (on left side) and then follow the path uphill in the direction of the Ocean Grill Restaurant. This will then take you to the tiny beach and a stream with waterfall. The water is crystal clear and the sandy beach is one of the most intimate and beautiful in the Bay. Bring snorkeling gear, this is a great spot to see a large variety of tropical fish.


Ocean Grill 2


Grilled Seafood, Cold Cervesas

A huge attraction in Colomitos is the Ocean Grill. Considered one of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, everything here is fantastic and the views fabulous. Over clams with butter lime hickory sauce, grilled lobster, oysters and catch of the day..this is a perfect place for a long leisurely meal with your best amigos. You can see why this day trip is a must when visiting the Bay!


Clams Ocean Grill med


Image credits: Ocean Grill, Gumbo Goddess

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